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Our offices only cost $370 per month. Phone, Utilities and Wi-Fi costs are included in this price. Plus, with month-to-month rent through MetroPark Properties, you won't be tied down to a long term lease.


Douglasville Location

Our office building is located in Douglasville, GA, but we have a corporate office in Atlanta. We can meet you at whichever location is closest for you!


Conference Room

Tenants have access to a conference area to conduct meetings with clients. A lovely amenity for doing business! 



Our shared kitchenette space, located behind the conference area. Tenants can enjoy a pre or post-meeting snack or beverage in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


Office Suites

We have several suites containing around seventy properly zoned used motor vehicle dealer offices. Ready to sign a lease today? Email or call 404-313-2723 and we'll send you the information you need to apply! 


Signage and Zoning

We will make sure your signage is up and displaying your company name as per state requirements! Plus, we have a service where we can get the required zoning certificate for you - zero hassle.


Contact Form

Fill out our contact form in the "contact" tab to send an inquiry, or book an hour consultation with one of our consultants by clicking here!

Omni Consultants - Auto Dealer Offices

Your One-Stop-Shop to become a Used Motor Vehicle Dealer in the State of Georgia

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